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Monday, June 2, 2014

#7 Join a student on a motorcycle ride around the school parking lot and surrounding neighborhood.

I love riding on motorcycles.  Although I've only driven a motorcycle myself twice. One time I drove into the creek, and another I busted my butt a million times dirt biking.  From these two experiences I've decided it's much safer for me to just ride on a motorcycle and let someone else do the driving. 

However, I don't know a lot of people who regularly drive motorcycles so I grab an opportunity to ride whenever one comes along.  Perhaps we can blame all this on my Grandpa and Uncle who both gave me rides to kindergarten on a motorcycle.  I had my
own little helmet,I strutted into the classroom, and proudly put my helmet in the coat closet like I was the coolest 5-year old ever! And thus began my love of riding fast with the wind in my face.

Several of the years I taught, I had a very small music appreciation class.  Usually two to five students at the most.  These were such fun to teach because we had time and flexibility to do all kinds of projects.  And I was able to tailor the curriculum to each individual student. Anyone from a small school system knows that in the spring semester it is rare to have an entire class present.  Between sports, academic and club competitions, and field trips there were days I only had one student present in my music appreciation class. 

This meant we usually got through all the material quicker and improvised at the end of class.  Often with a small class I took them outdoors or on a small "field trip" to somewhere in town.  (Students parents' all sign permission slips for ALL field trips at the beginning of the year, so that enabled me to have some flexibility...and remember it's a really small town so everyone knows everything that happens anyway).

It was one of those days and we had finished the lesson.  It was a beautiful day outside and my student said, "Guess what? I just got a new motorcycle...want to go look at it?"  The parking lot is right outside the music building door.  Well, looking at the new motorcycle quickly led to: "Want to go for a ride around the parking lot?"   Which, in turn, led to: "Let's take a ride around the neighborhood."  Great way to end class on a beautiful spring day.  Although it's probably out of line to ride around town during school with a student on their motorcycle, it sure was a fun!  And don't worry, of course we were wearing helmets. 

No real moral to this story.  But maybe an interesting thought for you to chew on.  One of the reasons I like to ride fast things is because it makes me feel alive.  
What makes you feel alive?

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